Demon Seed

Demon Seed is an Enchanted Disease that is possible to catch from contact with Demons. What it does (while the character is infected with it) is that the character is magically fertile to an extent that any sexual activity will almost always lead to a demonic pregnancy - this effects both male and female characters alike, with female characters becoming pregnant with a demonic child, and male characters able to impregnate a female. The Enchanted Disease allows for any race to breed with another, and leads to the birth of a Demonic Halfbreed.

Infection: Ritual contact with Demons. It is also possible to catch the disease from unspecified contact or exposure to Demons.

Effects: Troubled Sleep (Dreams that transport the subconscious of the infected into the mysterious realm of the Demon Ways). While infected the character is prone to demonic pregnancy, either by transmitting the disease to a female partner, or if the character is female, by becoming pregnant.

The arrival of a demonic child is surprising to say the least if the infected are unaware of the presence of the disease, though heightened sexual activity of a night increases, in a similar fashion to the Nimorian Spring Fever, the longer the infected goes without spreading the demon Seed.

Detection: In its early stages it can be detected by the troubled dreams, it is also registers using any form of Enchanted Detection. As the disease reaches extended occupation time, more hostile means of procreation are pursued while the infected is within their subconscious realm, often forgetting or failing to realise what they have done once they return to consciousness.

Treatment: Disease Level Five, with specified Alchemical Ingredients including the tears of a Demon.

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