Demons are summoned during dark rituals performed by the Black Church of the Fey-Sidious, powered by the blood sacrifice of willing, or unwilling victims into services designed by those who summon them, and agreed upon by the demons so summoned.

Nominally, only the High Minister of the Black Church (also referred to as the Dark Church) carries the knowledge and authority to summon demons with full gravity - but others can summon demons, but the affair is rife with trial and tribulation - only the Black Churches highest authority can summon them with full success.

Summoning Demons without Authority:

1: Like with the Fae, contracts and wording are everything - lacking the position of High Minister, a summoner should have Lore: Demons equal to the Demonic Social Status of the demon trying to be summoned.

2: A Blood Sacrifice is always required.

3: Once the sacrifice is made, and the chanting/ prayer to the demon is made, the demon should appear, what then happens is then in the hands of the summoner and the demon, an understanding of the Laws of Chaos is recommended.

Demon Stuff:

1: All Demon's have the same restriction when they are summoned. They have a NEED, a need which has to be fulfilled every day if they are to retain their power and standing on the physical plane. It can be a simple thing 'to drink blood' or more complex (Higher Social Status Demons tend to have these) such as bathing in the blood of Korrigan Ramblers.

2: Each day that a demon goes without fulfilling their need, sees them reduced in magical power, equal to their Demonic Social Status, and when their magic power is reduced to zero, they then lose their footing on the material plane and return to the demonic plane from where they were summoned.

Using Demons:

Demons are, at their best summoned to perform a task, this is why demon warriors are the most commonly encountered, they are also the breed with the easiest needs to sate.

Another common use is to summon them into weapons, or armour, to turn a Vidian Steel, or Manaluminum item into something that becomes 'Enchanted' through the presence of the demon within the item. This leads to a strange fusion of object with demon, and can lead to the item having a seemingly mind of its own.

Termination of Deals:

The usual means is that the mana of the Demon expires, and they return to the demon plane. However, if terms have been agreed through clear and precise wording, upon completion of said terms, the demon will automatically be freed, and then shortly return to its place of origin.

Clever demons - which many are - are capable of exploiting terms, and this leads to the potential of Rogue Demons.


The Demon Sword - the Paladin who has served with distinction is rewarded by a sword that does enchanted damage through the binding of a demon to the Vidian Steel blade. The demon warrior is happy to be bound within the sword on a permanent basis, so long as it gets chance to draw blood. Of course, with demon needs, the sword may get a little agitated if it goes for a period of time without drawing blood, and on the next opportunity as the Paladin is tending his blade, by mischance it slips and causes the Paladin to cut himself upon the blade.

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