Diplomatic Status

Diplomatic Status:

Being a representative of a nation, usually a status to take if involved with the politics of the Wrotan Republic, the main organisation of the Elemental Union within Urutau.

Note: Not having much use for Nobility, the majority of the Wrotan City States operate within this structure; the Spiratans honour this, but make use of nobility status also.

Level One: The Senate Operative: is an individual who acts in a capacity similar to a Sheriff or Law Enforcer in the particular district in which they come from or are elected to, this is in all essence the equivalent of a ‘Manor’ similar to the nobility rank of ‘Knight’, instead of getting a supplemented allowance from the manor however, the Senate Operative is paid by the Wrotan Republic a sum of 5 Gold crowns per annum.

- Becoming a Senate Operative costs: 10 Experience Points.

Level Two: The Senate Bureaucrat: A Public Servant that is the first level that gets a character involved within the movements of the Wrotan Republic, a bureaucrat is normally an individual responsible for making sure all paperwork is done or investigated thoroughly for any of the ranks that sit above it; a lot of freedom is granted in the pursuit of knowledge, so this is quite a underplayed, but important role within Republic politics.
Annual pay for the Bureaucrat is 7 Gold Crowns.

Bureaucrats can elect to stay in the bureaucratic body at this stage and move into its Council rather than follow the Senate way - this replaces the Senate Assistant title with one of Bureaucratic Council Member where further advancement moves into the region of the Vigilant Watch Organisation.

- Becoming a Senate Bureaucrat costs: 20 Experience Points.

Level Three: The Senate Assistant: (City State Counsellor) is one step from being a public speaker in the Republic, something of a council member to the Senate Member they work with it is a prestigious role akin to being a council member working on roads say, or public health for the district in which they originate. It is a rank similar to a Baron that grants the Senate Assistant an annual wage of 10 Gold Crowns.

- Becoming a Senate Assistant costs: 30 Points.

Bureaucratic Council Members answer to the Bureaucratic Council directly, but are given a lot of freedom to pursue the defence and security of the Wrotan Republic, often commanding Special Agents who are given license to act freely in the search of threats to the Republic, publically or covert. Resources are accountable directly to the Council, it is a powerful organisation in its own right, often with negative opinions cast at it from the military, as even at this rank, they can easily bend the will of a General to their choosing, if the cause is right.

Note: Becoming a Bureaucratic Council Member is highly dependent on role play, and handled on a case by case basis with player characters.

Level Four: Senate Member: (A City State Leader) holds a great deal of power over a region, in Wrotentia this means one of the fifty powerful City States, much like the noble ranks of ‘Earl’ or ‘Duke’ might be responsible for elsewhere in Urutau. As an annual wage they receive 20 Gold Crowns per annum. A Senate Member sits in the Wrotan Senate and participates in public debates and motions, also voting and is an integral part of the workings of the Republic.

- Becoming a Senate Member for a region that is considered a ‘County’ costs: 40 Experience Points. (Characters who represent a nations interests other than those from Wrotentia may purchase this rank if they wish to be involved in the machinations of the Wrotan Republic).
- Becoming a Senate Member of a City State costs: 50 Experience Points.

Level Five: The Executive Senate Member: is a part of the Executive Senate and very powerful in the political machinations of the Wrotan Republic. As a title the Executive Senator holds similar rank to a ‘Duke’ in terms of area of immediate power, but also acts as the head representative of their people, backed up by their own Senate members. Only one rank of political power exists above an Executive Senator and that is the individual who chairs and acts as the Supreme Executive of the Wrotan Republic.
The annual income for an Executive Senator is 25 Gold Crowns.

- Becoming an Executive Senate Member costs: 75 Experience Points.

Note: Characters who are nominated, or recognised leaders of a Nation do not have to purchase this level, but should be treated as such if they act within the Republic on the behalf of their people – they must purchase the status however if they wish the annual income from the Wrotan Republic.

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