Dírvaar Kraesthorn


Born in a port on the coast of the Wrotan Republic into a trading family, Dírvaar was always seen by his parents as more of an asset than a child. Growing up on a ship made for an interesting upbrinning, but one that didn't rub off on him like it did to other Feymori. Trade however, did. as soon as he was old enough and had coin he set out into the world to seek his own fortune. A long and rather uninteresting tale of small gain and nominal gamble, his journey however did find him his current merchant guard. Mifune was the first, soon after was Gallus. On the road they went in search of fortune, fame and adventure, and less than a year later, through chance circumstances, Ironstein joined the Feymori's guard.

Being in the right place at the right time had never been something Dírvaar had ever thought about. his next aquaintence would prove interesting, as well as a profitable investment. While drinking in a bar he stumbled into a Vespari Sky Captain down on his luck. In exchange for paying off the dwarfs debts, Dírvaar managed to acquire one of the new Airships as collateral until Skyship Captain Maximillian III could pay off his Debt to the Feymori.

It Was this ship that Introduced him to the last of his companions, a child found as a stowaway on the airship called Tsunamika. Almost instantly adopted by Ironstein and more than welcomed by the rest, her ability with healing magic would more than see them through situations they should not have walked away from.

The wind in their hair and the ground far below they set off to make their fortunes.

In Recent Times:

Dirvaar was made a noble of the Morigena Kingdom by Duke Rana Dae, and now bears the title of Baron of the Royal Barony, he was also elevated to Rear Admiral in the Elemental Union Navy by Rana Dae, and survived the Battle of Wroth Cayeno in 915AoF.

An accomplished Wave Master and wielder of two swords, Dírvaar is a man of money, mostly accumulating it. as such his focus is more around staying alive to achieve this goal. This however is not to the detriment of his guard as he considers them friends as well as a worthy assets he doesn't want to lose.

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