Based on an original concept by Kirstie Thomas.

Also known as, or considered to be a Hedge Priest or Priestess, this is a lonely path to follow with no support from organised religion. The Disciple follows the teachings of one Deity and in all things demonstrate devotion to that Deity as a way of life.


- May not be a member of the Church of the Elemental Union or the Dark Church.
- May not be a Magic User.
- Must be focused on one Lord or Lady.

Note: Upon Joining any organised religion or becoming Magically Awakened, this skill list is no longer accessible.


Level One: Wisdom in Lore: The Character gains lore relating to their chosen deity, and by conversing with similar minded individuals (those who also share the same faith), the disciple may bestow upon one target per day, one call of 'No Effect' versus a specified type of act, as they impart a tale of the deity that speaks of defying that certain act.

Example: Preparing to face a challenge in which a character must walk through, or over Fire, the Disciple tells a tale of Lord Gorn doing the exact same thing (the tale should have a moral to it), and upon completion of the tale, the listener gains one 'No Effect' versus walking through, or over Fire as the Faith bolsters their confidence.

Level Two: Strength in Faith: The Character gains +2 (Temporary) Hits per Location, strengthened by their Faith in their deity upon successfully walking the path set before them. Should they fail to honour their deity in morning prayer, the Hits are not gained for the day.

Level Three: Prayers: By praying to their deity, answers may be found amongst the Lore of the Disciple, lending to prompts from the Referee Team concerning a problem as the disciple prays and examines the Lore that they know in their mind and memory.

Level Four: Ceremonial Offering: The Disciple can offer up to 4 points (Hits, Mana, Fate or Void) , or 4 Items to their deity over the course of a day that belong to either themselves or others, in prayer to request Divine Help in some way for themselves or for others, that may or may not be answered, dependent on role play and Referee Mediation.

Level Five: Ceremonial Consecration: Once per Day the Disciple may 'bless' one item. Until the day ends that item will be considered 'Enchanted' and will invoke 'Fear' versus either 'Agents of the Void' or 'Children of the Elemental Union' according to the allegiance of the Disciple.



A Disciple may create a Shrine, and in so serving and worshipping at the shrine, overtime invest in it so that it becomes 'Consecrated' and 'Holy' (Read as Divine), this may only be done with investment of Experience Points, and is a benefit of being a Disciple and may not be done by Church Members of the Elemental Union or the Void.

The Shrine may be mobile, but like many things, can be a target for enemies if it is easily found.
A Disciple may only have one Shrine at any one time.

- 1XP: Touching the Shrine burns those not of the appropriate alignment for 1 Point of Divine Damage.
- 2XP: Touching the Shrine may Cure a Mundane Disease.
- 3XP: Touching the Shrine may neutralise a Mundane Poison.

- 5XP: Creates a 2m Radius field of Consecrated Ground that will cause 1 Point of Divine Damage to those not of the correct alignment (Void or EU).
- 10XP: Creates a 5m Radius Field of Consecrated Ground that will cause 1 Point of Divine Damage to those not of the correct alignment (Void or EU).
+ 10XP: For additional increments of Divine Damage inflicted.

- 12XP: Touching the Shrine may Cure an Enchanted Disease.
- 13XP: Touching the Shrine may neutralise an Enchanted Poison.

- 15XP and 1 Fate Point: Touching the Shrine may Heal All Locations and Ailments (Once per Event).


This is a Skill List that falls under the jurisdiction of the Church Referee, and requires appropriate role play to empower it. The Church Referee is fully entitled to block use of this skill list if the character is not 'living' the skill list.


The Priest or Paladin Skill Lists demand the character be a member of the Church of the Elemental Union. There are certain Magic Skill Lists which cover such things as Shamans and Druids, as well as Elemental Magic being a connection to the Lords and Ladies. The Disciple is primarily a laymans list for someone who does not wish to be a part of those worlds.

The Church Referee will mediate any changes this may encourage if people wishing to be Priest or Paladins do not wish to belong to the Church, but this is the hard line. A Paladin is a Soldier of the Church, who protects and answers to Priests and is a lifestyle choice and not just a Skill List. This is why it has its own section in the Players Handbook.

Following any final amendments, this is the Skill List and an alternative option to what is currently in play.

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