One of the variety of Enchanted Diseases that may be caught in game.

Infection: This Enchanted Disease is usually caught by repeated, or unprotected travel through the Metaplanes via ‘Portal Magic’ or by frequently using the Fey-Sirona ability to turn incorporeal or other similar effects that change or alter the corporeal substance of the character.

Effects: The target gains a runny nose that produces one dose of ‘Ectoplasm’ once per day, but completely prevents the target from travelling through portals, or altering their form, subject to Referee Discretion.

Detection: Diagnosis can often be mistaken for a Mundane Cold, investigation of the mucus will reveal it to be Ectoplasm, and Disease Level Four is required to confirm the disease.

Treatment: Disease Level Five, with specified Alchemical Ingredients including ‘Glow Dust’ found from Wisps and ‘Demon Mucus’ from the Demon Ways.

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