Dorian Kane

Dorian Kane


He was brought up by his father, Robert Kane, after his mother, Miriam Kane, died giving birth to him.

Trained from a young age as a totem warrior by his father, he soon found his Spirit animal a Cotton-top tamarin monkey he called Diddy on account of the monkey being small.

As a youngster his father would take him to the gladiator fights, for fun and to an extent to show him other styles of fighting.
He soon became obsessed with it and when he was old enough and able enough he joined the ranks of the professional gladiator under the name of DK the wild monkey man from Quelas.
He learnt their ways of doing things, not just combat skills but also trash talking and how to win over a crowd.
His father would come and watches his fights until he passed away about a year ago now.
It was just after that he semi-retired from being a professional gladiator and re-focused on his totem warrior ways.

But with the death of the high druid, Trahern, he thought it was high time to put his skills to use against the void. It was with this in mind that he sort out the heroes of the elemental union, the light company and his queen, nia, to join them.

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