Doris Meadowbloom

A woman of cheery disposition, and often appearing somewhat clueless, Doris is the wife of childhood sweetheart Sunshine Meadowbloom the Fourth, Prime Minister of Valorn, and proud mother to their son, Sunny. With her husband often away, busy with the politics of Valorn, and her son off adventuring, she fills her time with her other 'children'…

Nana the Dog

Nana is the long suffering dog of the household. Whilst deeply loved by Doris, it was often Nana that looked after Sunny as a child, and is frequently overlooked due to Doris fussing over her other 'babies'.


Mr. Miggles

Mr. Miggles is very much the man of the house, though sometimes finds it hard having to share a room with Queen Suzy Snufferlickes and the other kitties.


Queen Suzy Snufferlickles

What the Queen wants, the Queen gets. Though Doris would never admit it, Suzy is the daughter she never had, and relishes every opportunity to dress Suzy in the finest jewellery money can buy. She could barely contain her excitement when Suzy and Mr. Miggles produced their first litter of her 'Grandchildren'.

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