Dovah-Gol is the Elemental realm of dragons, a realm found connected to the Elemental Plane of Magic. It came in to creation following the Time of Dragon Magic in 913 of the Age of Fire, and then populated by creation magic in the last part of the same year by Great Black who brought many Black Dracosylph here from the Elemental Plane of Fate as well as drawing upon magic to create the evil race, and a gathering of heroes to create the good race, led by Great White.

The creation of the neutral race currently remains in balance.

The realm comprises of harsh obsidian mountains that stretch high and wide, as far as the eye can see, as well as fields of lava and rock, dried grass fields and hot water springs. A realm strong in magic, nothing is more stronger than the Dragon Souls who claim Dovah-Gol as home.

Life has begun there, and battle, and what the future holds, remains to be seen…

The Good Race, known as the Were-Dracul, live upon the highest peak, in a colony known as 'Obsidian Heights' first established by the heroes of the Elemental Union who travelled there and was the site of the creation process for the race.

The Neutral Race do not yet exist.

The Evil Race, known as the Ruivrui, are Undead Zombies, animated by dragon magic and given form and power much greater than the Zombies of Necromancy. They serve Great Black and are led by Dragon Priests.

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