Dracosylph Oaths

Each Dracosylph born into, or seeking to join a House, must pledge an Oath to that House, acting as a bond of family, giving to the communal nature of the Dracosylph way of life.
When a Dracosylph comes of age and their path in life is clearer, they may choose to move to another House or remain in the House they were born into. Often the Seers will advise, and lead the young adults on their path.

General Ways of Life and Pledges to your House:

1. Give praise and thanks to the Great White Dragon, our Saviour.
2. Heed the words of the Seers.
3. Be respectful of the Oaths of other Houses.
4. The pack protects. It is comfort. It is family. Your House is your pack. An Oath to your House is an Oath to those who would protect you, to those you would protect.
5. Be respectful of the ways and customs of others.
6. In death, we are reborn. Do not fear it. Lead a good life, and the next life will be good.
7. Defend those who cannot defend themselves.
8. Respect and follow the Oaths of House Dyrycnyzyr. Making an Oath to your House is to pledge your loyalty to the King.
9. Fight the Void, and save those who can be saved.
10. When honour is lost, it can be restored.

House Dyrycnyzyr


Oath to House Dyrycnyzyr

Our blood is our strength, we’ll not be unnerved,
Ever assuring, we stand by our word.
Hunt and protect, united stand tall,
Hunt and protect, united we all.

1. Respect the prey
All things live, all things die. In hunting, we send them to begin their cycle again, and thus, their spirit needs peace, so that they may continue on in rebirth. Hunting is with purpose, never needless, and we should always try to make sure that the kill should be clean.

2. Respect the home of the prey
In hunting, the home of the prey is sacred land, which shall not be sullied.

3. Respect the prey in death
Once dead, the prey has no need for it's physical body, and should be appreciated for the sacrifice it has made. A life has been taken. A life as sacred as the Air we breathe. Regardless of its origins, friend or foe, it demands respect, and thanks so that we may use what is left behind.

4. Strength
Strength of body, spirit and mind. In body we are strong, taking on those who would open themselves to the Void. In spirit we show compassion, to save those who can be saved. Our mind gives us the rationale to know the difference.

House Kyryll


Oath to House Kyryll
We are at one with the ice and snow, but never does it chill
To learn is key, our wisdom shared, for good we use our will
Blessed by White, the magicks flow, and by her side we stand
With allies, friends and kin alike, a Union of lands.

1. Union
In working with others, even those outside of our draconic blood, we may learn anew. Treat others with respect and kindness and it shall be returned.

2. Strength of Mind
Keep your mind agile, explore new possibilities, and continue to learn. Strive to learn, so that you may pass on your wisdom to others.

3. Alliance with Ice
The Ice is to be respected. Bend it to your will, use it to your advantage, to fight, or to protect.

4. Respect for Magic
Show respect for Magicks. Do not abuse the powers bestowed upon you, nor use them selfishly, but use them to fight the enemy, and to protect and aid your allies, in Her name.

House Lyzynthys


The Oath of Dragons Blood
By blood we are dragon, by White we are blessed
Magic shall not move us
We are blessed against its power
We are divine and we will stand against those that would dare to fight us
We are dragon and none shall stand before our might.

1. Never Show Weakness
When weakness is shown, Houses fall.

2. Stand Together
Stand together, as one, or not at all. Trust in your allies. Trust in your friends. Betrayers will be punished.

3. Survival
Survival is key. Hunt well, harden yourself to the harshest of environments. Embrace the frost and use it to the fullest advantage. Tough scales make for better warriors.

4. Magic is for the Weak
Trust in the Seers for they are wise. Rely on that, and your own strength above all else. Whilst you will respect those who choose to use magic, you do not need magic for survival.

House Ryncryr


Oath of House Ryncryr
Peace within me, Peace before me, Peace around me,
I will Serve my Lord of Air, And Praise him,
I am one with the great mountains,
With the great rocks,
With the great ice plains,
In one with my body and my heart.
I give myself to the Lords and Ladies,
One with Arios, and the Great White Dragon.

1. The Church
Be at one with the Church. Follow its conduct and its laws.

2. Have Faith
Trust in the Lords and Ladies. Give praise to Lord Arios and Lady Siriona. Great White is our Saviour. She leads us all under their guidance.

3. Walk in the Light
Live a life of piety, do not give in to the temptation of the Void. As Helios shines his light, our good work shall be done in the name of Arios.

4. The Focus of Air
In the name of Arios, we embrace the cool breeze, we stand firm through the icy winds, and never falter when He brings the storm.

House Strychy


Oath of brotherhood
In the name of Great White we serve
To uphold and defend the union against her enemies
When called to battle we fight, when called to stand our ground we hold
We hold, we hold for White and the Union.

1. Loyalty
Be loyal to those around you, those who you protect, and those who would protect you.

2. Strength of Body
Be strong of body, fight the Void. The frost lends to your armour, but never is it cold.

3. Strength of Heart
Be strong of heart, and strong of spirit. Faith in Her lends to faith in yourself. Trust in yourself and others will follow. Believe in redemption.

4. Stand Firm
Save those who can be saved. Do not falter when faced by your enemies

House Ytvyr


Oath of the Seer
What was Past is present, what is present is future
All exist within the divine, within a moment and an age
I watch over the blood of the dragons
I am their guide to sea of scales,
The divine of White will guide me as I guide them to their true purpose.

1. Strength of Mind
The mind is a valuable asset. Take care of it and nurture it. Be learned, and the things you
learn will be of great use. Use your wisdom to guide others.

2. Focus
Be focussed in all you do. Lack of focus may lead to grave mistakes.

3. Understand
Do not just listen, or watch. Understand what you learn. Know that there are many possible
futures, and that fates can alter through the smallest of actions.

4. Trust
Trust your own eyes, trust your own thoughts, and use them to guide others.

House Yssyyl


True Hunters Oath
We hunt what cannot be hunted
We move without sound, from sight, from sense
We do not reveal ourselves for we are not on the hunt, We are the hunt,
And the true hunter will always watch its prey…. Forever.

1. Use the Night
Be at one with the shadows. Use them to your advantage. But do not fall prey to the tricks of
Phoebe, nor the dark machinations of the Void.

2. Respect for the Hunt
Heed the Oaths of House Dyrycnyzyr. Respect the prey, respect the home of the prey, respect the prey in death.

3. The Hunting Prayer
Be blessed by the words of the Hunting Prayer, feel it, breath it, live it.

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