Dracosylph Rites of Passage

When young Dracosylph come of age, they are gathered together, and sent out on a hunt, into the Savage Mountains, whereby they have to kill a Werewolf, and bring back some form of evidence of their kill, be it the head of the Werewolf, or a pelt. They may hunt as a pack or individually, but each young Dracosylph must kill their own Werewolf. Those that fail to complete the kill are usually exiled as they are seen to be weak, though it is possible for them to prove themselves and be accepted back into Dracosylph society at a later date through acts of heroism, or by proving themselves worthy. Their exile may not be from the lands of Lyrzeria, but certainly from the Houses they should be a part of. House Dyrycnyzyr is very strict about the Rite, as the members of this house dedicate themselves to Werewolf hunting. Other Houses, whilst still using the Rite as a tradition, may be more lenient.

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