It has emerged, with the maturation of the Elemental Union dragons, that certain individuals are capable of becoming dragonbound, gaining access to a specific skill list associated with the proximity of empathy and understanding with the specific dragon.

This seems to be a direct polar opposite to the Fey-Sidious Dragon Riders.

The Dragons of the Elemental Union are:

Kishi, the Green Dragon of the Earth, bonded with Nia.
The Red Dragon of Fire bonded with the salamander, Sapphira
Great White of Air is the matron of the Elemental Union Dragons, messenger of the Lords and Ladies.
The Blue Dragon of Water is now bonded to King Everyl Telluwyn.

Other Dragons:
Mana is the Dragon of Magic, in the care of, and bound to, Baelvanna of the Fey Tir.
Lachesis is the Dragon of Fate, currently unbound.
Solaris is the Dragon of the Sun, bound to Vale the Initiate of Lord Helios.
Bob is the Dragon of Chaos and is currently unbound.

The Dragonbound Skill List:


Level One: Blood of the Dragon: The character has bonded with the dragon and gained a strengthening of the mind, allowing them to reinforce any one skill use from either Mundane or Enchanted, to Divine, once per day.

Level Two: Dragon Senses: Everything around the character becomes more attuned to them so they see and sense things clearer, granting the character +2 Divine Dodges per day versus all attacks.

Level Three: Strength of the Dragon: The Dragonbound character gains +3 Hits to all Locations now the connection has become so much stronger between the character and the dragon.

Level Four: Aura of the Dragon: x4 Times per day, the Dragonbound can summon forth the 'Divine Aura' shared with the dragon to strengthen their own physical presence, neutralising all Mundane and Enchanted attempts to intimidate, compel or influence them, this also includes the possession of Ethereal Lords and Blood Magic of Vampires. The Aura lasts for 4 minutes.

Level Five: Fus Ro Dah! x5 Times per Day, the Dragonbound can do a Mass Divine Knock-Back with the language of the dragons, focused through the vocalised shout of 'Fus Ro Dah!' Foes caught in the vocal shout are thrown back 5 yards and knocked to the floor.

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