Dragons are a powerful and ancient magical race, intimately connected to The Elements. They are all innately magic users, wielding Higher Magics with ease.

Age and Life Cycle

Dragons are near immortal, age only makes them more powerful and they are unlikely to die of disease or entropy, but they are made of mortal flesh can be killed by wounds and injury just as easily as any other mortal, though they also tend to have far greater stamina. Whilst their bodies may fail, the soul of a Dragon is an extremely powerful thing and far more difficult to destroy. This has lead to many Dragons being re-born countless times over the aeons and it means that whilst you can slay a Dragon, you may not have escaped its wrath; their memories surviving the grave.

Dragons vary greatly in size, from the smallest of hatchlings, to the largest known to have ever existed, Great Black, who easily towered over most buildings. Unlike the races of Urutau, Dragons do not grow consistently as they age, but instead can remain physically unchanged for many years, growing only in a Time of Dragon Magic. These growth spurts are only short periods but a Dragon can grow significantly in that time, some easily growing to ten or more times their original size.


The Dragons are all telepathic and need not converse using mundane means, however, when they do they will often use their native tongue: something they are all born able to do. This Dragontongue is not an easy thing to learn for anyone outside of the Dragonbound, though it is possible for others to learn the basics of this complex language. As they age they will often learn other languages and many of the oldest Dragons can speak freely with almost any race.

Being the magical creatures that they are, Dragons have access to a great many magical abilities from birth, their skill only ever increasing as they age and master the Higher Magics. Most, but not all Dragons are tied specifically to one of the Elements and are innately wielders of the Divine form of that magic, however, there are a few recent exceptions that are tied to other magical forms.

Most Dragons are blessed with the ability to fly. They commonly have large powerful wings, and are the fastest things in the skies of Urutau, being able to cover great distances in a relatively short amount of time. Those Dragons that are large enough to ride will often be happy to share the gift with others, but there is little greater joy for the Dragonbound than doing so, the feel of freedom and power gained from the experience of flying with their soulmate is a uniquely liberating experience that others can only guess at.

Avatars and the Dragonbound

The role of the Avatar is one commonly association with Dragons and many have either acted as one or have chosen individuals to act as one for them. This is not the same as the Dragonbound and the connection between an Avatar and their master will be a far more tenuous and one sided affair, regardless of which direction this goes from the Dragon. The most notable Dragon Avatar is Great Black who serves as the Avatar of Lord Math.

The Dragonbound:
Dragonbound is the title given to those individuals chosen by a Dragon to become their soulmate. This is a great honour to any and comes with many benefits, including access to the Higher Magics of the Dragon they have bound to. This particular ability of the Dragons is a part of their telepathy and once Dragonbound, an individual will always be able to communicate and will sense their Dragon as a small packet of emotion and thought at the back of their mind.

The bond has many other benefits, but it has drawbacks too. The unwary will find that their emotions and those of the Dragon will often merge or enhance each other and so great awareness and control must be exercised at times of great joy or depression, lest the Dragonbound and their soulmate suffer mental exhaustion or breakdown. Any physical pain felt by a Dragon or their Rider is felt in as much intensity by the other.

The Known Dragons

There are many Dragons in Urutau. The great majority are the Black Dragons of the Fey-Sidious and The Void, but there are several amongst the Elemental Union. Below is a brief description of the known Dragons.

  • Little Red is the Red Dragon of Fire. She died in battle against Great Black and the forces of The Void but has since been reborn. She is bound to Sapphira, a Salamander from the Elemental Plane of Fire.
  • Lachesis is the Great Purple Dragon of Fate and is currently unbound. Since the death of Great White, she is the new leader of Dragons.
  • Great Black was the Avatar of Lord Math slain in a combat with Great White and her allies from The Elemental Union. Great Black has now, however, been reborn, once again as Lord Math's Avatar, perhaps fusing with his Dark Master to form a bond never before conceived of…
  • Nuru iwas the little silvery white Moon Dragon, bound to Nipper. It eventually showed its true colours and allegiance to the Void, and was eventually killed by the immortal Fire Pope, Muldrow, who gave his own life to do so in a Supernova explosion.
  • ** The young Chaos Dragon, born of the fusion of Muldrow, Nuru and a deck of Chaos Cards and carried by Narwen. It has yet to do anything but sleep…
  • ** The newborn Sun Dragon, Cera, of Lord Helios was recently birthed by Vale of the Fey-Sirona. She is a prime example of the odd ageing process of Dragonkind. Mere minutes after being born, she was a fully grown Adult Dragon.
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