Dragonsfall Mead Hall

Work on the Mead Hall began in late 913 of the Age of Fire, following the recruitment of Queldi builders recruited from the tribe of the Sea Worthies, being paid for by Duke Rana Dae to commemorate the victory of the Morigena versus the attack of the Black Dragons during the Time of Dragon Magic earlier that year in Souwei-Lorsan of Hrivemir.

The mead hall opened in early 914 of the year of Fire, based on the classic design used by the Queldi, with mead supplied from Quelas, and having brewing chambers of its own to begin the brewing of mead in Hrivemir.

At the start of the Age of Dragons, a Black Dragon landed on the roof of the Mead Hall, crushing the roof and destroying much of the structure as it arrived to announce the return of Lady Espari.

Household Staff:

Steward (Supports the Family).
Head Cook, with two Assistants.
Mead Head Brewer, with one assistant.
Chief Gardener, with one assistant.
Two Handmaidens.
Two Grooms.

Fifteen Myrmidon of House Dae.
Five Wasteland Hunters of House Dae.

Fifteen Dire-Wolves (forming two packs, including young pups).

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