Druid Sanctuary

The Sanctuary of the Queldi Druids is the very heart of Quelas and the Queldi people, it is a location kept secret and kept sacred, capable of powerful magics like those warding the Great Forest of Quelas and tied to the spiritual well-being of the Queldi people.

While there are special named NPC's present here, it follows the mechanics for Knight Game Play:

Economy: Non-Existent.
Military: Low.
Technology: Low.
Magic: Very High.
Population: Very Low.

Notes: While the military forces are low, they comprise completely of Queldi Totem Warriors (rumours of a select, female-only faction are unconfirmed), loyal to the High Druid of Quelas. While the Magic Population is Very High, it in fact goes even beyond that, with its population being made up entirely of Druids (apart from the Totem Warriors), this population also includes Arthur the Bear.

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