Duchess Narlin Thalassa

Duchess Narlin Thalassa is the ruler of one of the three duchies that make up the Nimorian Kingdom. Outside of the realm she is not widely known beyond Taris, where her younger sister, Dominique is Queen. On many levels she appears as a type expected for her house, and is perhaps a future challenger for the throne and the rule of Queen Lausanne Una.

In the past, the Duchess was involved briefly with the champion of the Feymori King, Lord Trsytain de Vier L'Honour, and some time afterwards gave birth to a male Nimorian, with whom she had very little to do with, and despises, with much assumption being upon the way the relationship with Lord Trystain ended. Perhaps the truth is known only to the Duchess herself, and many have forgotten even of the child.

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