Dyrel was born in 157 of the Age of Fire, a Fomori daughter of the notorious Lord Findias. She rose within the ranks of her father's army to become a trusted commander in his forces, until her capture at Nor-Cavallel in 180AoF, recognised as the final defeat of her father. Dyrel was taken to the Wrotan Fortress of Wroth Cayeno, where she was interrogated by General Allesandro and his Inquisition amidst requests for her execution by the Fomori Senators of the Wrotan Republic.

After two years of interrogation, Dyrel breaks and her information given over leads to the final destruction of the remnants of her fathers force. Not until three years later in 185AoF is Dyrel sentenced, her sentence is life imprisonment in Menyel-Tiriona.

Dyrel is able to escape Menyel-Tiriona in 190AoF after a Black Dragon rescues her amidst controversial events and the state funeral of Alessandro, her father's nemesis. Dyrel is then not heard of for another three years, until she resurfaces, bearing her father's sword and picking up where he left off by raiding settlements in the Fomori Islands with Fey-Sidious and other Undead Allies.

What became of Dyrel after the year 193AoF, was generally unknown, though in 914 of the Age of Fire, rumours become something resembling truth that her, and her father had become Demon Lords in the House of War, ready at last to return and reek vengeance upon Urutau after marrying Telellë Ráva.

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