E Toa A Ahn

The City of Death, the city of ghosts, the place where the Ethereal Lords claim their right of power. Littered with Undead nexus its presence is a stain upon the Burning Sands where it exists in the southern region close to the shores.

No interest has been shown by the city and its leaders towards Luustrokk and the Fykari are not seen to be a threat. In 913 AoF assaults were initiated against the Ulcas of Grun, which saw the Undead Armies beaten and retreated back to the city, where they remain entrenched, wisely the Ulcas have besieged the city but not entered it.

With the liberation of Khayeim and the fall of the Wrotan Empire and return of the Wrotan Republic eyes turn now towards the city, led by Astor the Red, calling together the allies of the Elemental Union in the hope of driving out the Ethereal Lords, and laying the city to waste. These allies have started to gather to hold council in 914AoF, in the city of Vulgorn.

The Ethereal Lords have had many years now to build, and reinforce their defences, what lies within the city is unknown, but for some vague aerial scoutings made by various allies at times.

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