Ebenezer Good Burns
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Name: Ebenezer Good Burns

Alias: EB GB; Voodoo Doctor; Medicine man; Broken Skull

Race: Man of the mountain, Shaman

Tribe: Wayfarers tribe

Physical Description: Usually seen in a fur waistcoat with another leather waistcoat over the top. A bone mask covers his forehead, eyes and nose. Has bone necklace and bracelets. Carrys a cane made of the twisted mutated bones of his father

Homeland: Broken Quay, Savage Mountains

Political Affiliation: none unless the chieftains tell him otherwise

Known Associates: Thosi; Fenris; Arckon; The Red Thorns; Morgan Spice; Light Company

Known Rivals:

Known Enemies: Werewolves

Known Skills: First aid, Chirurgery, diseases, poisons, alchemy, Forage, Bone Blast, spirit magic, elemental magic

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