Elemental Armour And Shields

Elemental Armour and Elemental Shields:

With Elemental Fighting Skills, a Warrior may become one with a weapon and perform amazing feats versus enemies. But the ability to make a Weapon Focus may also extend to the use of Armour and Shields.

Defensive Focus

The Armour (or Shield) of a Character may also be turned in to a Defensive Focus, much in a similar fashion as the weapon Focus, but used to protect the character, and this includes the use of Shields.

- 1a: Must have the relevant armour skill to wear the armour.
- 1b: Must have the relevant Shield Use skill to use the shield.
- 2: Must have a favoured piece of armour or shield, it must be named, and must have a 'Lammie' to mark it as such.


To achieve Elemental Armour or Shield Use Skills, the character must enter into a Ritual Circle, conducted by a Mage with the abilities of Ritual Magic. The character must enter the ritual circle with their favoured piece of armour (or set – see below) or shield, and give to the powers that be a sacrifice of 50 Experience Points in exchange for turning that favoured item into a 'Defensive Focus' (and gaining level one of either the Elemental Armour or Elemental Shield Use skill lists).

This process semi-awakens the character to the world of Magic, so that if they should seek out becoming magically awakened, the normal cost is reduced by 20 Experience Points and costs only 80 Experience Points (subject to conditions) to become Magically Awakened.

The character and the item become bound to one another, and this then means that only the character may benefit Elemental Armour or Shield Use - but with the bound item only – trying to use any of the abilities with other Mundane items will cause them to break as they cannot stand the ‘Enchanted’ levels of stress that the abilities put them under and may result in unexpected death! (If a character enchants a Full Set of Armour, that set must be worn together to gain the full effects – a missing item negates all effects until the set is recovered).

Each additional level of the Elemental Armour or Shield Use Skills List, costs 25 Experience Points, but does not contribute to any further reduction in cost to become Magically Awakened - it merely harnesses, and focuses the characters chances of survival.

Note: Costs for a Full Set of Armour (5 or 6 Locations) cost 200 Experience Points at initial investment (granting a ‘set’ deal on Experience Points cost) but becoming ‘Magically Awakened’ remains as only a 20 Experience Point break.

Elemental Armour Skill List


Level One: Lesser Elemental Fitting: The Armour* provides a bonus +1 Hits to the standard of its type whilst worn.
*Armour: One Item or a Full Set.

Level Two: Lesser Elemental Protection: The Armour now protects that location fully from all ‘Mundane Damage Effect Calls’ (Knock-Back, Through, Disarm, Knock-Down etc).

Level Three: Elemental Fitting: The Armour provides a bonus +3 Hits to the standard of its type whilst worn, this stacks with level one.

Level Four: Elemental Protection: The Armour gives full protection versus Mundane Damage.

Level Five: Greater Elemental Fitting: The Armour provides a bonus of +5 Hits to the standard of its type whilst worn, this stacks with levels one and three.

Elemental Shield Use Skill List

Level One: Lesser Elemental Protection: The Shield gives full protection from all ‘Mundane Damage Effect Calls, though it is still subject to the effects of base damage.


Level Two: Greater Elemental Protection: The Shield is Immune to Enchanted Damage.

Level Three: Lesser Enhanced Elemental Protection: The Shield now gives full protection from all ‘Enchanted Damage Effect Calls, though it is still subject to the effects of base Enchanted damage.

Level Four: Greater Enhanced Elemental Protection: While the character holds the defensive focus shield, they gain +4 Hits to All Locations.

Level Five: Enchanted Effect: The Shield User may choose, from the relevant alignment in the Weapon Focus lists, an Enchanted Attack, which may be performed
with the shield five times per day.

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