Elemental Swords

The Gornang were responsible for the forging of and creation of the Elemental Swords that belong to the Elemental Union and also that of the Void, with all five swords being forged with Manaluminum and infused with the power of the ELEMENT they represent, making them indestructible weapons, that do enchanted damage and contribute to Ritual Magic (+5 Points each). They also grant the wielder the level five Deception ability of ‘Cool’.

All but the Lord and Ladies of the elements forgets what brought all five elements together, as well as Lord Helios and Phoebe, and they do not speak of the swords being created. But the swords exist as beacons of hope and heroism to the races of Urutau, sometimes they mysteriously vanish by themselves if they fall into false hands, reappearing on the elemental plane they represent until such time as a new hero steps forth to claim them.

Known Elemental Swords:

1: The Elemental Sword of Earth is known as 'Ja' Karl.
2: The Elemental Sword of Fire is known as 'Pyralis'.
3: The Elemental Sword of Air is known as 'Anil Araceli'.
4: The Elemental Sword of Water is known as 'Sagar Tempestrous'.
5: The Elemental Sword of the Void is known as 'Varda Varil'.

Possible other Elemental Swords:

1: The Elemental Sword of Magic.
2: The Elemental Sword of Fate.

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