Elementary Void Magic

The Basics of Dark Magic, its works exactly the same as Elementary Magic, with one exception:

Level Four: Aura of Phoebe: By invoking the name of Lady Phoebe, the Lady of Secrets and calling upon her power, the caster is imbued with the power of Lady Phoebe. The caster then decides whether to use this power for their own or to gift another with it, either way it grants the beneficiary with the divine silvery radiance of the Moon.

Note: To cast this on another individual costs an extra Four Mana points as the spell is then transferred to the recipient.

The spell grants +4 to Stealth and the target bathing in the silvery gleam of Lady Phoebe uses Stealth at ‘Enchanted’ level.
This spell lasts so long as the target remains out of combat, though the rising of Lord Helios in the Sky automatically dispels the Aura of Lady Phoebe.

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