Elyss Tremaine

Duchess Elyss Tremaine is the principle ruler of the Fomori Islands, to whom all the Fomori Houses owe allegiance - through either fear of long established authority and loyalty.


Born in 710AoF, she has ruled the House since ascending to power following talks between the Fomori and the Morigena in 735AoF at the age of twenty five, her determination complimenting her shrewd and direct nature.

In 750AoF she attended the unification talks that ended in failure, though was credited with the fact that these talks ended without so much blood shed, that hopes rise for further talks soon after these ones end; however, through a combination of politics and natural causes, no further talks take place until 775AoF. These talks take place among the Western Tribes of the Burning Sands, and see the Morigena King assassinated and talks break down completely as the Fykari make accusations against the Morigena.

Throughout this time, Elyss managed to secure her power base, and had agents committed to working within the structure of the Wrotan Republic to keep out the Morigena, and make allies among the Elemental Union; she also oversaw continuing allegiances with the Fey-Sidious, who throughout the centuries had ancient oaths of allegiance to House Tremaine.

Elyss and her children are direct descendants of Lord Findias, the regicide who rallied the faction that would become known as Fomori against the Morigena, which heralded the Age of the Void.

In recent Times:

The return of Lord Morian was one event that made the Duchess worry, and fearful of retribution. When this did not occur, she once again began plotting for the future of her House and her people; the collapse of the Wrotan Empire, and subsequent rebirth of the Wrotan Republic saw the Fomori ejected from talks as the Morigena finally managed to work their way into the Republic.

A Fleet of Fomori Ships assisted the Fey-Sidious when they launched an attack on the Nimorian Kingdom in 914AoF, and the Fomori Ships were responsible for the defeat of the Aqualonian fleet, led by their King; the King was meant to have been handed over to the Duchess, however, Tiamey forced decisions that saw him relocated instead to the Zarian Wastes, where he was consequently sacrificed to bring about the creation of a Demon Lord.

Perhaps the betrayal of the Fey-Sidous set in motion a change in attitude, perhaps the allegiances of other allies helped to move Elyss into other areas of thinking, the return of Lord Findias and the death of Duke Anteus Damenyon, and the subsequent delivery of his head to her court, an the message this presented Elyss has forced her to think in ways that have been abhorrent to her previously.

But Elyss is a shrewd leader, and potent foe to have as equal as a valuable friend or ally; recent events will play out all the more interestingly now she is under threat from her ancestors…


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