Etar Tol'Solie


Most commonly known as Etar, although the insult "Etard" seems to be becoming commonplace…
Also known as "Princess Peach" by Narwen



Physical Description

He has always worn cream/white trousers, white short-sleeve shirt and a leather jacket, all of which seem old and battered. Over time, he has acquired or been gifted other items of clothing. He bought a brown suede waistcoat to replace his tattered black one. He was given a gold and blue Elite Swashbuckler's overcoat by his friend Artemis who had"found it atop a barrel" and allowed to wear it by King Ferdinand of the Feymori. He was given a blue and gold waistcoat in the patterns of House Tremaine by Alyra Tremaine and more recently was gifted a kimono by Andoku of the Fey Sirona.


He was raised by his father and his crew aboard The Hell-Born Gale where he learned how to use a sword. His life for him and his 2 younger brothers - Stry and Adwyr - was fairly normal for a pirate crew until his father started making more questionable decisions: ordering his crew to kill in cold blood, torturing prisoners and the like and killing those who disobeyed. Then one night after the ship strayed too close to Vidiian territory, he saw an Ethereal Lord and then the next thing he remembered was both of his brothers dead at his feet, their blood dripping from his sword. He tried to explain about the possession, but nobody believed him. Once the ship got back to Taris, his father made a public display of kicking him off the ship and disowning him. And so Etar fled Taris to Souwei-Lorsan. Hearing of a siege by the Elemental Union on the Ethereal Lord's City of E'toa A'Ahn, he eventually made his way there.

Recent History

Since encountering the player base he has gone to war against E'Toa A'ahn, gone on one 1 too many beer runs, watched the final betrayal of Telelle the Traitor, abandoned his dad (turnabout is fair play…), lost his back, face and leg at various points in time, got Herpes from Nancy, made deals with all of the people he shouldn't, proven himself to be the worst thief alive, spied on the Brethren Court for the Feymori King, seen more corn dolls than he ever wanted to and is now preparing to train for entry to The Royal Guild of the Most Excellent Fellowship of Honourable Swashbucklers.

As of Spring 915AoF, his plans to enter the Royal Guild have been put on hold as he played a part in the discussions between Rana Dae representing the Morigena and Duchess Elyss Tremaine representing the Fomori, whereby House Tremaine joined the EU Navy to fight Findias. He was approached by an Agent of Fate and, with her help, opened a portal to the Elemental Plane of Water, dragging Morzan through to the Elemental Plane of Fate. Discussions were had and an excursion made to the Plane of Water to aid Morzan's success. Since returning to Urutau, he has spent his time with the Andoku of the Grey Owl Clan of the Fey-Sirona on Menyel-Tiriona so that he can further his studies of the Void and plan an expedition into the deepest parts of the Labyrinth

With the help of others, he successfully recovered the Eye of the Void from the Labyrinth and learned its secrets. He helped to fend off the Gaaf-Kro-Aar of the Fey-Sidious during the battle of Wroth Cayeno, even attempting to tame one for himself before he was struck by a void bolt and fell hundreds of feet, ending up on the brink of death.

He was approached by Uncle Gallus and recruited as a Lay-Brother of the Church of Lord Arios, now attached to the Light Company as an advisor on his behalf.

Jumped through a portal to try to rescue a Morigenian baby from the hands of Witches, only to be imprisoned himself. A month passed before he was finally rescued by his friend Sorandis, much to the dismay of the Unseelie Court…

July 915AoF, he attended the Quelas Games in Southport amidst a Werewolf epidemic. He went on a stag do with Artemis, Leon (The Doctor) and Sunny where he ended up in a 3-way with Artemis and a Fey-Tir hooker. The next day after they remembered everything (thanks to a potion of Insight), Etar finally confessed to Artemis that he has always loved her. Artemis then stormed off without a word. Overcome by a debilitating sadness, Etar spent the rest of the afternoon drowning himself in Rum before night-time fell and he walked out of the camp into a pack of Werewolves to die and was given funeral right by Steve and Ragoth…

It was with great surprise then when what appeared to be his body appeared again in October of 915AoF in Khayeim, unconscious and being turned into a Vampire by Vilio himself. But thanks to the combined efforts of friends and experimental surgery, he pulled through. This post surgery exhaustion led to an…interesting accident where he became Sorandis for a short time before turning back to normal. He then remained behind in Khayeim with Sorandis whilst the rest of his friends mourned onwards to Luustrock.

A few plans later led to him and Sorandis lying their way into the Tower of Sorcery under the guise of the King and his Assassin to retrieve her Fate Cards and rescue the remaining Were-Avari. They were found out, however and were forced to kill 2 of the 3 mages and their elementals, and kidnap the 3rd.

A vision was then had on the plane of Fate of the world having 8 months until Math arrives. Awks.

A rescue mission for Uncle Gallus was then mounted to Dovah-Gol, where he lured away Dialo to allow the others to get him out, but ran into a Ruivurui with really bad breath and, were it not for Sorandis, necrosy would have killed him.

Now, in November 915AoF, he, along with many allies is on the Sun, presumed dead and preparing for a war.


Originally from Taris but after fleeing the islands of the Feymori, he lived in Souwei-Lorsan, Morigena Kingdom, for a time with the Feygorn Narwen.

Political Affiliation

His loyalty lies with the Wrotan Republic and the Church of the Elemental Union but he will fight to defend anybody who in his mind deserves it, even if they are of the Void. He has certain…doubts about the integrity of King Ferdinand of Taris.


His mother is dead and was disowned by his father, Reggar: Captain of the pirate ship The Hell-Born Gale. Toward the end of 914AoF while aboard the Dragon Wing, Reggar Tol'Solie was rescued after his ship was destroyed by Telelle. He was infected with the magical disease Wraith and, with the aid of Artemis, Morzan and the Great White Dragon, was cured. Where he is now though is a mystery. Etar also has a sister bearing his mother's name - Viridiana Solie - in Wroth Cayeno, though they've never met and as far as he's aware, he's an only child.

A political mission to the Zarian Wastes ended with him having a child with the High Minister of the Dark Church, called Mithwen.

Rumour suggests that Duchess Elyss Tremaine may also bear his child…

Known Associates


Bran: His hyperactive, manic Taris Toucan trained as a messenger bird but always sqwarking (well, squeaking) for food or just some attention. Since Etar's death, he now wonders lost, aimlessly looking for the Blue Food Elf he called a friend.

The Doctor
Tobias Book
Duchess Elyss Tremaine
Andoku of the Grey Owl Clan
The Light Company…begrudgingly
Zuelia Axel
The Church of the Elemental Union

Known Rivals

Morzan Silverthorn/Palagius
That one Dragon Rider that keeps showing up…

Known Enemies

Only those who threaten the peace and sanctity of the Republic and the Union.

Known Skills

Swashbuckler, Knowledge of the Void and a master (awful) thief.


Alex Dudfield

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