Eu Army

The Army of the Elemental Union is the military body of the Full Member States of the Wrotan Republic and its Allies. There are, as it stands two main forces that are in deployment in Urutau:

1: The Principle Army of the Elemental Union: Commanded by King Theuss of Spirata that is currently deployed in The Gap of Peril.

2: The Second Army of the Elemental Union: Commanded by General Gorbel-Ack-Vanzaang of the Fykari that is currently dispatched and maintaining a siege upon the Undead City of E'Toa A'Ahn.

3: The Third Army of the Elemental Union: Commanded by General Rhufon Seaworthy of Quelas, that is dispatched to Wroth Dromreta in Southern Korrigania.

All Armies are filled by volunteers and forces dispatched by the Member States and its Allies with numbers dispatched and given by the judgement of the nations from which the forces are sent; there is no mandatory prerequisite number that must be sent and no Nation is expected to leave its own borders undefended to fulfill obligations to the Elemental Union Army.

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