Eudaf Dae

Earl Eudaf Dae (Born 866AoF), 2nd Son of Godfrey is a well respected member of House Dae and manages one of the four baronies of Souwei-Lorsan, his barony is a good resource for ships and shipbuilding. He stepped into the role of Earl following promotion by Duke Rana Dae in 915AoF following the exodus of Morigena with the King to Wroth Cayeno. The position of Earl-Elect Midas Dae is a matter still to be resolved in the court, for now it seems that Souwei-Lorsan has two Earl's.

His family:

1: Lord Sawel Dae, (Born 891AoF) 1st Son of Eudaf Dae (in Wroth Cayeno with Duke Vorsten Dae and the King).
2: Lady Collwen Dae (Born 893AoF; Unmarried).
3: Lady Indeg Dae (Born 895AoF; Nimorian, Unmarried).
4: Lady Melera Dae (Born 896AoF, Nimorian, Unmarried).

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