Fey Sirona Feral Vampire

There remains a considerable lack of Lore in how the Fey-Sirona Vampire came into creation amongst the scholars and academics of the Elemental Union. But they exist, both as Agents of the Elemental Union, and as Agents of the Void. What separates the two factions is control of faculties. The Fey-Sirona Vampire that has a place within the Elemental Union retains full cognitive ability. The Feral Fey-Sirona Vampire is however, a creature of madness and ferocity that does not survive long in this world, either turning upon themselves, or killed when hunting for sources of blood. a perversion of the Serene, deep-minded parent race from which it has been born, a toy with which the Void plays against the dying Champion Race of Air.

One thing is clear, in that the Fey-Sirona Vampire is never welcome among the covens of the Vampires, though like scholars amongst the Elemental Union, there is a level of intrigue over the condition by the Vampire Lords, an intrigue that remains as yet unsatisfied by the existence of these strange creatures.

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