Fort Anchorage

Fort Anchorage is the first of the six fortified bases established by the Army of the Elemental Union in the Gap of Peril, given its name because it is the closest to the Great Bridge of Khemburimm it is responsible for all supplies going into the Gap of Peril from Wrotentia.

Like all the forts in the Gap of Peril, it is built with a mixture of Wooden defences (both an outer ring of protection and an inner ring, as well as a Gornang Master-Crafted Tower, along with subterranean barracks to protect the soldiers from exposure to the harsh environment of Lyrzeria.

A contingent of civilians have begun to build up around the fort, concentrated on Traders of all sorts looking to satisfy the needs of the Army, as well as a host of families not wanting to be parted from their loved ones that have been assigned to the Gap of Peril. Life in the Gap of Peril is hard, but the mixture of Queldi, Gornang and Wrotan have had assistance from Dracosylph and Morigena veterans who know how to survive the harsh landscape.

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