The Gaaf-Kro-Aar are ancient creatures of the Air who in the Age of the Void served the Fey-Sidious Warlocks, due to their magical advantages, born of arcane power and the blood of dragons they are draconic in likeness, yet are hated by all dragons as being of weaker blood and an abomination to dragonkind.

This lends them a great advantage over their betters, in that they were not subject to the curse of the dragon blood, and need only sleep as per any animal or creature in Urutau on a nightly basis, marking them as having been favoured mounts for the Fey-Sidious of status. In addition, they served as fonts of power for Magic Users riding them, as their hearts beat with purest mana, and as such could lend Mana to their rider, as well as providing protection from enemy spells.

They were, by general consent and grief to the Fey-Sidious, destroyed in the last days of the Age of the Void, destroyed in the great aerial battles that raged - now but a creature extinct in lamentation and loss. For no eggs were harvested or preserved, and no Biomancy has been able to recreate them despite the best efforts of the Fey-Sidious.

Any such eggs found, or mothered, would be a great find indeed…

Habits of the Creature:

In a flock, a King grows to be the largest predator, tending to eliminate or force out of a flock any threats and enjoys breeding rights with any (smaller) females left. As young are introduced into the flock, females are welcomed, with males either being driven out, or forced into submission, fed from the scraps of the King, and restricted from breeding.



To ride one of the creatures, requires long, arduous tenacity on the part of the Fey-Sidious, or prospected rider, for they do not bend easily to the will of others. Only the Fey-Sidious have ever really managed such a thing, and that art is all but lost to lore in the extinction of this species.

The King:

The King grows to about three times the size of the females of the flock, almost as big as any adult dragon, and can be as deadly, though in a one on one fight versus a dragon, none have the strength to beat them. A King takes three times as long to tame as a female, and is rarely fully tamed by its rider.

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