Ghost Fox

Original Concept by Christian Trice, edited by Trevor Halliday.

An extremely rare, white furred Foxkin, they originate from the Elemental Plane of Air and follow the Code of Bushido fanatically.


- Chosen Race - Were-Urgo (foxkin) only one is allowed within the player base at any one time, and MUST be a Primary Character.

Racial advantages:

Slower Regeneration: Much like the rest of the Were Urgo, Ghost Foxes have the ability to regenerate. However, having turned their back on their primal nature the rates are halved, requiring Ten Minutes per Global Hit of Mundane Damage and Twenty Minutes per Global Hit of Enchanted Damage.

Ghost Form: In addition to this, Once per Day, for Five Minutes they may become incorporeal as per the Fey-Sirona ability as per page 116 of the Element Players Handbook. May elect to turn back corporeal at any time, becoming unconscious turns them back immediately.

Racial Disadvantages:

Were-Urgo Disadvantages: As with all Were-Urgo, their body parts are sought out for their alchemical properties and they may not become magically awakened.

Severed Ties: In addition to this the Ghost Fox loses access to their Were-Urgo ancestors and cannot learn 'Blood of the First Born' as per page 16 of the Element Skills Companion. Neither may they access 'The Lodge of the Ancestors' lists as per page 25 of the Element Urutau and Metaplanes Atlas.

Skill List:

Level One: Sensing the Winds: Once per Day the Ghost Fox may use an Enchanted Fair Escape to evade an attack or to automatically foil Mundane or Enchanted Tracking & Tracing.

Level Two: Strength of the Sword: As long as they are wielding their favoured weapon* the Ghost Fox gains +2 Hits per Location.

Level Three: Dust Storm: As long as their favoured weapon* remains in motion, a Ghost Fox may manipulate the element of Air as a natural ability, this counts as Mundane Control and cannot be used to cause incidental damage.

Level Four: Born of the Dust: Four Times total, the Ghost Fox is able to cheat death as their body crumbles to ashes to be carried on the winds and reborn in a safe location at a random time the following day.

Level Five: The Ghost Blade: The Ghost Fox has become so attuned to their weapon that they may now deal Enchanted damage with it. It is claimed that a Ghost Fox is capable of speaking to their weapon, like it has a soul of it's own - though this remains an unconfirmed myth of a rare figure.

*May be used for Elemental Fighting Skills as per page 49 of the Element Skills Companion.

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