Godfrey Dae

Earl Godfrey Dae (Born 709AoF; Died 912AoF) was the aging Lord of the Southern Watch and a former Earl of Souwei-Lorsan, bestowed with the duty of watching the southern ways and protecting the Morigena Kingdom from attack from the Werewolves. He was the 1st born of Aneirin Dae and was the head of House Dae, he had always displayed a gruff fondness for all family members and never been unwilling to not say what had to be said in court. He Saw tactics and strategies that others did not always see, and with some reluctance ordered the strategy to cause civil unrest within the Men of the Mountains by sending his brothers grandson into the mountains.

His death meant dramatic changes needed to take place within House Dae, starting with the appointment of Rana Dae as the new Earl of Souwei-Lorsan (prior to his elevation as Duke), and the leadership of the house left to Godfrey Dae's eldest son, Vorsten, who became Earl, an then a Duke in his own right

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