The island of Golgotha is the heart and soul of the Kingdom of Water, ruled by King Everyl Telluwyn and his wife, Alyra (formerly Alyra Tremaine). It is in a state of being rebuilt following its reclamation from the curse of Lord Morian in the last days of the Age of Fire, and seems to be the center of hope for the New Age of Dragons following victory against Lord Math.

During the Time of Dragon Magic in the year 913 of the Age of Fire, Great Black made for the island and opened up a portal to the Elemental Plane of the Void, reinforced by Karazon of the Black who used his strange magics to make the portal more permanent in an attempt to bring through armies of the Void. The dragons converged over the island and the plot was foiled, resulting in the death of Karazon and the Red Dragon.

Map Locations:
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1: The Bay of Kings (The North-East Approach).
2: Dendren Canal (Now known as 'Traitors Gate', the Southern Approach).
3: Kraken Waters (The North-West Approach).
4: The Capital City of Anarlote.
5: The City of Eas-Golen.
6: The City of Sou-Dendren.
7: The City of Wes-Kraken.
8: The City of Nor-Riin.
9: The Hills of Memoram.
10: Galleywood.
11: Rangewood.
12: The Sun Cliffs.

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