Great Black

A new dragon, forged from the fires of Fey-Sidious magic, dragon magic, the powers of Karazon of the Black and given sentience by thought patterns of Lord Math. The rise of this dragon has not gone unnoticed by Great White, who felt fear at the realisation of what this dragon can be and can achieve.

Quickly Great Black begun to cause many problems for Urutau and the Elemental Union, first using Karazon of the Black as his rider and using his servant to open a portal on the island of Golgotha, and then raising the sunken, destroyed city of Menyel-Arcanex from the deep, for the Fey-Sidious to convert into a Void Floating City. Further troubles were caused by events on the Elemental Plane of Fate and then in Dovah-Gol with his new rider, Tiamey, leading the Black Dracosylph there from the plane of Fate. But events finally came to a conclusion for the Avatar of Lord Math, when going to Purgatory One, early in the year 914 of the Age of Fire, when confronting Great White, the other Dragons, Queen Nia, Nipper and Ryuu, he was killed.

His purpose for going to the demon dimension was to absorb the power of the Purple Dragon Avatar, which had been captured and removed from Skyreach Whitewing a few days earlier during the rescue of the Sea Turtle, Coltrane.

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