Great White

Great White is the white dragon who acts as a messenger for the Lords and Ladies of the Elemental Union. By far she has been the mightiest of dragons who live in Urutau. Matched only in might by the werewolf, Primal Beast, the two creatures fought in recent years as the siege of the Gap of Peril begun.

It is generally believed that the advent of the dragon eggs that led to the hatching of the young dragons known as Little Green, Little Red and Little Blue is intended to assist Great White once they have reached maturity, being representatives for their elemental alignment.

Through the successful kidnapping of Little Red, the Fey-Sidious seem to have managed to genetically alter the inherent weaknesses in the Black Dragons who primarily had to sleep for one hundred years for every day of activity they undertook, now the Black Dragons need only sleep one year for a day of activity.

It was in the year 913 of the Age of Fire that Great White first felt what true fear was with the coming of Great Black, larger and more powerful than her as the landscape of the dragons changed once more. Taking to her eyrie she has meditated upon the future and the fate of Urutau, and as the ride of bonds has begun between dragons and their chosen riders, she has chosen a rider for herself.

In the lead up to 'The Sum of All Things', White was captured and sacrificed by Great Black in order to destroy Lyrzeria completely - but this was not without insight by White, who transferred power to the Purple Dragon amidst the sacrifice of her own life.

The Age of Dragons:

Rebirth, as a Young Dragon, cared for by her allies and her children she is alarmed by the rise of Qymrynat. During Year Two of the Age of Dragons she went through a few growth spurts as Dragon Magic occurred and is currently the size of a normal Adult Dragon, though after her interference in Larrasu, by sending the Fey-Tir there help and going against Dragon Law set by Mana, she has been exiled to Dragon Island on the Elemental Plane of Magic, indefinitely.

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