Grun is the mountain homeland of the Ulcas and has enjoyed good trade and prosperity while it was a member of the Wrotan Republic through its mining resources and proximity to the Republic. Since the rise of the Wrotan Empire it has seen a downward turn in trade, not helped by an unwarranted invasion by the Wrotan city-state of Spirata who are close neighbours.

Having completed a small invasion and occupying a small part of Grun for three months, the Spiratans then returned to their city and marched promptly north to reinforce Wroth Gelrahan, but rather than defending that city fortress as was highly anticipated, they actually opened its gates to the invading forces of the Phoenix Dark knight following the brutal sacrifice of the Fykari that the Phoenix Dark Knight has agitated to rise up.

Grun now seems to have become a much more pivotal nation in affairs around the Fire Nations and the resurgence of the Wrotan Republic.

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