Guardian Of Fate

The Guardian of fate was an elite member of the Fey-Sirona Samurai caste of old times, devoted to the purpose of doing good against all evil. 'The Terms of Prayer and Oath Binding' was lost in the Age of the Void following the destruction of all but the surviving floating city of the Fey-Sirona, and honour has demanded that no Fey-Sirona may raise the issue with the Lord and Lady of Air, less the shame of such loss be the end of all Fey-Sirona, aa a race of Champions, as a race that endures, thus is was written, thus was the price of such loss.


1: The 'Guardian of Fate' is only available to Fey-Sirona who have completed the Samurai or Shugenja tree, and the Paladin tree as well.
2: The Terms of Prayer and Oath Binding' must be sworn upon initiation into the order known as 'The Guardians of Fate', taking the from of an ornate scroll, it was said to be concealed in a place of honour upon the lost floating city of Menyel-Arcanex.

Skill List:

Level One: Elemental Weapon Kata: In the morning light of Lord Helios, the Guardian of Fate may perform a slow, deliberate thirty move weapon kata, during which they cleanse their body and weapon of all purifications, including poisons and their effects, open wounds may even close (but does not heal hit points), and damage to a weapon is undone in this mystical ritual (if the bound weapon is broken, a Fate Point must be spent to refuse it back together in the ritual), it also cleanses the Guardian of any Void Point taint, unless they have succumbed fully to the Void (5 Points). This kata may only be performed once per day, and it must be in the morning light of Lord Helios.

Level Two: The Way of the Guardian: The oathbound recipient of the guardian gains two dodges for the day versus Mundane or Enchanted Attacks, following a shared ten minute prayer to the Lord and Lady of Air.

Level Three: Skills of the Guardian: After a fifteen minute prayer in a church of the Elemental Union, the charge would be able to call upon the powers of the Guardian three times during the course of the day, using one of their skills as their own. If a magic skill is used, the cost in Mana Points is taken from the Guardian.

Level Four: Faith is Strength: After a lifetime of taking the wounds of another the Guardians body has become resistant to damage. They gain +4 Hit Points per location while protecting the oathbound.

Level Five: Faith in Fate: By expending a Fate Point, the Guardian and the oathbound become invulnerable to all damage, Mundane or Enchanted*, for 5 minutes. Providing the pair both commit to a fifteen minute prayer before the light of Lord Helios had left the sky, the Fate Point is returned.

  • Subject to Referee Discretion, an Enchanted strike from a Lord or Lady must still be taken.
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