Haiden Strata


Haiden Strata (formerly Melborn).




The Wrotan Republic.

Known Associates

Lady Autumn Strata, his Doktare and Wife.

Known Rivals:

The various forces of the Void.

Recent History

Haiden was raised by his father as an animal trapper, on the outerskirts of the Wrotan Empire. Deciding this wasn't the life for him, Haiden tried to join a mage college, though lacking any natural talent for the arts and the funds required for tuition he joined the Wrotan army where his foraging and sneaking abilities marked him out as a scout. Following a false lead he was ambushed by a small band of slavers lead by a man of elvish descent and was sold into slavery at Nor Cavallel, where he spent many years fighting as a gladiator until he was picked out by Doktare Autumn on a scouting mission for the Lanista Augustine. Recently he was made a free man, his contract paid for by Duke Rana Dae and he now acts as the Sergeant of the Light Company.

More recently he set himself up as the head blacksmith in the Light Company as a mastercrafter and the only known member of the elemental union able to craft the mysterious 'enchanted ice'. He has also been made a knight of the Morigana Kingdom and was promoted to the rank of Senior Lieutenant. Along with the Fey Sirona Daimyo Vale has taken up the elemental fighting techniques of air.
After the events of the attack on Urutau by Lord Math Haiden was given the title 'Lord Knight' and promoted to Captain. He has begun training as a martial artist and continues his work on enchanted ice.

In the first year of the Age of Dragons, after seeking advice from Dule Rana Dae, Haiden was falsely found guilty of Treason against the Kingdom of Water and imprisoned within the Spire of the Seers until such time as the UTC pays for his freedom; Haiden was stripped of all titles and possessions and exiled from the Kingdom of Water.

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