Heroic Status

Heroic Status

While dubbed ‘Heroic Status’ this list is pertinent to all heroes, be they for the greater good (The Elemental Union) or for the bad (The Void) and is something of a special list, open to all who make the first footsteps upon its path. This list is meant for those who rise above the masses and become the stuff of legend, those that have gained the blessing or curse of the Elemental Union of the Void.


Heroic status enables a character to survive impossible odds or defy Fate when it comes knocking and has one defining rule for players seeking its path, yet also requires role-play and determination.

- 1: The Character must have been free of Void Taint for at least one year if they wish to become a Hero for the Elemental Union – the Void is not so picky, though acts of evil may act instead as a prerequisite.
- 2: The cost to gain access to this list is Fifty Experience Points, regardless if the character in question is a mundane or a magic user, which must be given to a patron of their elemental alignment, or to the Void, within a Ritual Circle.
- 3: The character must gain the blessing of their patron from the Elemental Union or the Void.

Level One: Champion Benefits: The character receives all of the benefits as befitting for the Champion Race of the characters elemental alignment. If the character is already of that race and has such benefits already, they find the effects of their benefits are doubled.
- In the instance of becoming a Hero of the Void, the benefits given will be subject to Referee Mediation.

Level Two: Cheat Death: This is a one use only ability. But even as a character lay mortally wounded, or even killed, they may play this and recover enough to escape and find somewhere to heal, living to fight again another day.
Note: If the character is using this to defy death (as in they are dead) they are subject to Referee Mediation as to whether there is enough of their body to cheat death, incinerations, explosions, anything that really defies the odds and credibility of using this skill may mean the character is ruled to be dead and unable to use this ability.

Level Three: Tough as Nails: The character gains an additional +3 Hits to All Locations.

Level Four: Hero/ Villain: The character gains an additional +4 Hits to All Locations.

Level Five: Living Legend: The character becomes a true hero and gains the following:

- 1: Fast Healer: They heal naturally twice as quick as a standard character (Were-Urgo heal even quicker at attaining this level).
- 2: Paragon: On reaching this level they gain 5 Fate Points, or 5 Void Points, and regenerate them at a rate of +1 per event day (given at the start of the day).

- 1: Opposites Attract: Heroes are magnets to their adversaries and at least one major encounter should be added into a day’s event where a Living Legend is present, capable of testing the abilities of the Hero. This should be done without any consideration to other characters around the Hero such is the price for being a Living Legend, and hanging out with them…

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