High Nobility

High Nobility


High Nobility is a list that leads on from the standard Nobility list, it is something that is attained in exceptional plot circumstances and should never be something that can just be bought with just the expenditure of Experience Points.

Experience Points Costs

Level: Rank: Cost:
1 Royal Blood 20
2 Parents if an Incumbent Monarch 25
3 Prince/ Princess 50
4 King/ Queen 100
5 High King/ High Queen Plot

Level One: Royal Blood: The character is a part of the extended royal family, though not an immediate member. There are no real benefits to this level of High Nobility other than the prestige gained through the loose connection.

Level Two: Parents of a Incumbent Monarch: The character has a child, or children sitting in power presiding over a kingdom, allowing for the possibility of influence over that monarchy.

Level Three: Prince or Princess: The parents of the character sit upon the throne, which you will inherit one day – this position allows for benefits that outstrip standard nobility granting the character a stipend from the crown being an annual sum of 35 Gold Crowns per annum, issued to the character at the start of the gaming year by the Trade Ref.

Note: This may be issued in addition to any ‘working title of nobility’ the Prince or Princess has been given to perform – for example, a King might ‘elevate’ a young Prince to be a Knight with but one simple manor to manage, but would still have their comfort blanket of their Prince’s allowance to ease any financial burdens managing the manor.

Level Four: King or Queen: The fate of a nation and its people rest under your control, decisions and responsibility.

Level Five: High King or High Queen: A truly special rank, where perhaps nations rest under your heel or rely upon your wisdom to guide them.

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