Highview is a manor in the county of Wesoui-Narkil, Hrivemir, demesne of Lady Vilynarah Branwine.

The Manor House (Highview Hall) sits on a hill on the edge of the Forest of Ice Tears, reached via the two villages that make up the manor; the village to the north is called 'North Ledgewood', the one in the south, through which travellers must go through to reach the manor house itself is 'South Ledgewood', the villages share trade in lumber, farming and livestock. A modest lake is placed between the villages, there is a section where villagers like to gather to celebrate a good year and compete North versus South.

Economy: Average.
Military: High.
Technology: Low.
Magic: Average.
Population: Low.

Hex Map Locations (See Map for Descriptions):

1: Highview Hall Manor House and Grounds.
2: North Ledgewood.
3: South Ledgewood.
4: The Forest of Ice Tears.

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