Hiss Roc



Hiss Roc, the maping scout of Boss Gorn and Lady Vulcas, scout of the worteef, prosector of the Stoneteef


Hissing man; Blood Ulcas; The Map Maker



Physical Description:

scaly lizard, black with arms coated in dry red blood. Seen wearing leather shoulder and wrist armour. As well as an old trophy, a black wolf fur poncho, which he wears cross his torso for not as a reminder of what can be done, but as light protection. Two daggers are usually seen hanging by his side, and a bag. Though beware he sometimes hides a third somewhere upon his person.


Grun, from which he has been exiled from, on the ruling of the Boss of Bosses

Known Associates:

His adopted Styryry family: Shy, Syvyth, Dyrm, Amber, Artemis, Astor the red, Yngy, Sapphira, Narwen
Grok of the Bodgers and fixer of the Sunguard
The good Catkin
The Sunguard crew: Captain Midas, Tulkas, Irah, Ferrus, Ragnar, Pliskin the wasteland hunter, Steve
Members of light Company: Rana, Autumn, Haiden, The Doctor
The Bodgers: Grotsch, Richard, that tiny shiny ulcas
The Stoneteef: Elder Shaman
The Worteef: Boss Nazfang, Shaman, Thrunk

Friends lost:

Muldrow the fire pope



Astor the red and Shy, whom Hiss is learning Dracoslyph lore and one day learn how to be a hunter like them and the wasteland hunters

Known Enemies:

Fate Weaver

Known Skills:

Hiss Roc is a map making scout, proficient with dual wielding daggers. An effective and orientated ulcas prospector


• Hiss Roc has no family. He was told by the elder shaman of Stoneteef Clan, when he was old enough that he was found playing with a rock. He was named Hiss Roc, based on a crude joke made by the elder shaman back then, when Hiss refused to let go of the rock he was found playing with, and claim it to be “my rock” for a whole year.
• Hiss Roc was looked after by the elder shaman of Stoneteef Clan, who always claimed that Lord Gorn and Lady Vulcas have mapped Hiss Roc’s path and that all he must do is step upon it. Though Hiss never really understood this.
• Hiss under took his trail of the hunting. Though out of the ten, he was the last of the three to return from the trail. As he spent days laying in a pour of blood, playing dead beneath the bodies of his dead friends. Wating for the moment to kill his mark, a wolf. Its why a number of his scales are blood red.
• Hiss wears black wolf fur poncho, made from his kill in his trail of the hunting.
• Since the trail Hiss from time to time will recoat his scales with the blood of others to hide his smell from predators.
• Chief Stoneteef summoned Hiss and tells him that, they are honour bond to the Worteef Clan. That as part of his agreement to Boss Nazfang of Worteef Clan, he is to supple the Worteef with men. He has watched Hiss Roc grow and feels he is ready to fight for the Worteef. Ordering Hiss to leave Stoneteef and join his new boss.

Recent History:

  • He joined the Worteef
  • Was visited upon the Fate Weaver, who offered him to become Boss of the Worteef. But only if he killed Nazfang for refusing to kill the king. Hiss Roc refused
  • The Worteef found the High King of Gornang, crazied and out of his mind. Bring him back, while void tainted themselves, the Worteef seeked not only help for themselves but also workout what they should do with the king. It was only in the presents of Ironstien, did they hear Lord Gorn had arrived and decided to bring the king before Lord Gorn. Unfortantely Boss Nazfang controlled by the void, snapped the kings neck. And almost the whole Worteef were charged to not only sail with Leonidas so that they could gain honour with him, so he may help them in the future with being void tainted, but also come back with Ironstein with the body of the king and show respect
  • Travelling on the Sea Lion to Aqualonia, a nal-whale appears destroying the ship the Worteef travel upon and swallowing them
  • Hiss Roc leads Boss Nazfang and Zuelia through the insides of the nal-whale unawares that it is a creature and treats it like some abnormal tunnel system
  • captured and reunited with the Morzan, Lorelei and those on the Sea Lion. They Jounrey to Aqualonia
  • Tricked into taking a group down into the Abyss. Hiss Roc maps it
  • Hiss Roc is asked by Lorelei, his new friend to take her down the alley and marry her off to Morzan
  • Hiss Roc takes part in a game, which he was prepared to throw upon a deal he made with the fire pope
  • Hiss Roc takes the blow of Lorelei's death to heart and blames both Pliskin and Astor for convincing Morzan from not going to save her life
  • With both his clan, Leonidas and the crew of the Sea Lion still not being seen. Hiss Roc joins the Aqualonia Civil War, in hopes to make sure all return safely
  • Upon arriving in Wroth Cayeno, as strange moment happens as the Lord of air rips open portals that lead to other places. Hiss Roc approaches Ironstien only to find out the council of the Gornang have charged Ironstien to bring Hiss and all of the Worteef in. Hiss agrees without question or fight
  • He bare witness to the troubles it took to re-collect the lightning and offer himself along so many to help fix the air sword.
  • Etar comes to Hiss Roc with a collection of unfinished maps, detailing a place known as the Labyrinth. Hiss pieces together the maps and notice that only centre is not draw. So agrees to go with Etar in hopes to finish the map.
  • Discovers how much vampires can actually smell him
  • Travels below the city of Wroth Cayeno with the light company and maps the catacombs below
  • Asked by Shy and Ironstein. Hiss Roc enters Purgeratory one to rescue Sunny and Artemis. only to lose not only Ironstein, have his tail chopped off, but in turn have his sanity broken
  • loses it with a large group of light company soldiers, and is thrown in prison. Only to learn that a great war is about to happen soon. He turns to his lord and lady seeking forgiveness. And doing so denounces the Worteef and denounces Nazfang as his boss. choicing to call Lord Gorn his boss now
  • Force by Great White, Hiss Roc returns to the belly of the nal-whale. but not to kill it, but to save it with Shy and Leonidas
  • After the great sea-battle of Wroth Cayeno, Hiss travels with Astor, his salamander army and his family. Only to agree to join the Stytyry family as its newest adopted member
  • Hiss leaves his new family briefly to travel into Khayiem and see the council. Where before sentence for his own part in the crime of the High Kings death, a stranger appears declaring Hiss is one of many who are destiny to bring back a scroll. Now Hiss is charged in finding this scroll and return to the Council with it
  • MeanWhile the Fate Weaver has return this time stealing another of Astors children, which Hiss barely helps in the rescue off
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