There is a campaign map for War in Urutau (to follow), making use of the rules provided by Warmaster.

Urutau Army Lists can be found as files at the bottom of this page, though I would say that at this stage they are by no means the complete article, but have covered what I think needs to be covered for starters. Making use of these rules has been a series of stop, starts as I created for ELEMENT some mass battle rules which are… okay, but not completely satisfactory. Recently for the first wave of battles around E'toa A'Ahn, I used a bastardized, basic version of Warhammer rules and assigned stats for Urutau Army Lists, which I am quite content with - but I believe, without getting too involved with wargaming, these rules can cover battles and war more fully, when they have to be used - it is a support framework as opposed to a necessity.

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