House Branwine

House Branwine is a part of the royal house of House Telluwyn, rulers of the Morigena people. They govern the county that makes up the middle part of the Morigena Kingdom known as Wes-Kurul, though their ancestral home is the island of Treminus in the Fomori Islands.

Earl Creylen Branwine, runs House Branwine.

His heirs are:

1: Baron Syrius Branwine, 1st Son of Creylen Branwine.
2: Lord Robett Branwine, 1st Son of Syrius Branwine.
3: Baron Martyn Branwine, 1st Brother of Creylen Branwine.
4: Lord Uren Branwine, 1st Son of Martyn Branwine.

Sigil: A Blue Whale swimming to the right in the depths of the ocean. House Branwine use the motto 'To explore without fear'.

House Advantage: Once per Event the scion of House Branwine may call 'No effect' versus any 'Mundane' or 'Enchanted' forms of 'Fear'.

House Disadvantage: Slow and ponderous at times, they must spend +1 Experience Points when buying or upgrading Skills.

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