House Charla

House Charla

Symbol: A Warship upon a quiet ocean facing right. The Charla motto is ‘To watch for Devils’.

Location: The County of Wesoui-Narkil (baronies 3A – 3D on the map), though the ancestral home of House Charla is the island kingdom of Tremaine in the Fomori Kingdoms.

Resources: House Charla has respectable resources as befitting the region in which it lives and according to the rules for Rank and Nobility.

Head of House: Earl Aurel Charla.

Heirs: Baron Tankred Charla, 1st son of Aurel. Lord Hervis Charla, 1st son of Tankred. Baron Jules Charla, 1st brother of Aurel. Lord Godfroi Charla, 1st son of Jules.

Favour with the Crown: Good.

Relation to the Crown: Ancestor to the Crown would become ruling line if Telluwyn, Dae, Branwine and Stern were to be killed off completely.

Allies: All ‘True Morigena’, strong links with the Nimorians and the Dracosylph.

Enemies: All of the ruling Fomori houses, in particular house Tremaine who now occupy the ancestral lands of house Charla.

Religious Affiliation: The church of the Elemental Union and the Disciples of Morian.

Attitudes: Duty and honour, the King is bound by fate with his people to seek out and restore his legacy, Lord Morian and unite both the Morigena and the Fomori; no easy task but House Charla will do all it can to make sure the King is successful in his duty.

House Advantage: Once per Event, members of House Charla can 'Sense Void Taint' within a group of individuals (no more than ten players or Non-Player-Characters).

House Disadvantage: It costs members of House Charla only 8 Experience Points as opposed to 10 Experience Points to buy off a point of Void Taint, because with their House ability the Void tries a little bit more to seduce them, and gives them a break for indulging Void Taint.

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