House Dae

House Dae is a part of the royal house of House Telluwyn, rulers of the Morigena people. They govern the county that makes up the southern part of Hrivemir known as Souwei-Lorsan, though their ancestral home is the island of Rostir in the Fomori Islands.

House Dae is most famous for the hero, Rana Dae I, who gave his life killing Lord Math during the last stages of the Age of the Void alongside two other heroes, as recorded in the Ages of the World. House Dae continued through a younger brother (Mordec), and a sister (Jocelyn, Nimorian) who went on to marry and help found House Stern.

Duke Vorsten Dae, 1st Son of Godfrey Dae commands House Dae and has been the chief advisor to the Morigena King in Wroth Cayeno. Earl Eudaf Dae acts as a second within Hrivemir to both Duke Vorsten Dae and Duke Rana Dae II, 1st Son of Korsten Dae..

Line of Succession:

1: Earl Midas Dae, 1st Son of Vorsten Dae.
2: Earl Eudaf Dae, 2nd Son of Godfrey Dae.
3: Lord Sawel Dae, 1st Son of Eudaf Dae (In Wroth Cayeno).
4: Duke Rana Dae II, 1st Son of Korsten Dae.

Sigil: Three Grey Dolphins leaping out of the sea to the left, with a dark sky overhead and the island of Golgotha in the distance. House Dae use the motto 'To take light into Shadow'.

House Advantage: Royal Blood, as one of the surviving and true aspects of House Telluwyn, all Morigena of House Dae begin game with the Level One High Nobility Social Status of Royal Blood.

House Disadvantage: The pressure is always on a Dae to match the heroics of the Rana Dae who gave his life to bring about the end of the Age of the Void, alongside Inishi Quorill and Kylyn. As such, if a Dae buys the Heroic Status Skill List, they must pay +5 Experience Points on top of all standard costs for the Skill List.

Lesser Houses: Houses formed from offshoots of the main bloodline…

1: Jehan.
2: Amalon.
3: Ursanne.
4: Cadmaril.
5: Wudlander.
6: Tursten.
7: Yotan.

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