House Dyrycnyzyr


Dyrycnyzyr (Pronounced 'Dee-Rye-Ken-Ee-Zeer')


Southern Lyrzeria.


Unlike the rest of the Dracosylph race, those of House Dyrycnyzyr settled first and settled in what became known as the Great Hunting Woods of Lyrzeria, to hone their skills as hunters and to be among the first line of defenders for the Dracosylph race, testing themselves to the limits that the icy wastes and woods has to offer. They are responsible for the origin of the harsh rites of adulthood that all Dracosylph must go through, in that to be recognised as an adult, a Dracosylph must venture into the Savage Mountains and kill a Werewolf. To this extent the members of this house are among the more cunning of their people, and adept at travelling and hunting. The pelts of slain werewolves are used in a strange ritual known only to the house by their Seers. They have a close relationship with House Ytvyr.


King Vyrsytyr Dyrycnyzyr.

House Colours

Red, Brown, Black, White

House Benefit:

Adult Members of this house gain a +1 to the skills of Tracking and Stealth versus Werewolves.

House Disadvantage:

Adult members of this house may not use 'Dodge' versus attacks from Werewolves, be they Mundane or Enchanted in origin.


They enjoy a good relationship with their neighbours, the Morigena in the Morigena Kingdom, and have become close in the sharing of hunting techniques, giving rise to the Wastelands Hunter Skill List as found in the ELEMENT Skills Companion.

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