House Kyryll


Kyryll (Pronounced 'Kye-Rill')


North Western Lyrzeria


This third settlement of Dracosylph was made up of those from House Dyrycnyzyr and those from House Ytvyr. With strong ties to both Houses, these Dracosylph shared the Dyrycnyzyr allegiance with the Morigena, and possessed the Ytvyr talent for magics. The combination of the two allowed for the development of Ice Magic. Those who descend from members of House Kyryll make strong Ice Mages.


Earl Hyyth Kyryll

House Colours:

White, Pale Blue, Mint Green

House Benefit:

Adult Members of this house gain a +1 to the skill of The Ice Mage whilst in cold climates. If the mage already has Level 5 in this spell tree, they may instead cast these spells at a -1 mana cost (to a minimum of 1) while in a cold climate; this is in addition to negative mana costs from using a Mage Staff.

House Disadvantage:

Adult members of this house will have to spend an additional 2 points of mana per spell when faced with hot climates.

Notable members of House Kyryll

  • Ynyngywyyn Brykynclyw - An Ice Mage and a Seer.
  • Kylyngywyyn Stryngclyw - A formidable warrior and a competent mage (missing, presumed dead)
  • Elder Ryk'nryll - A Seer of great repute, he is a teacher of meditation techniques.
  • Elder Blyg'ryss - A great mage, he is particularly versed in elementary, ritual and rudimentary magics and is an adept of the higher magics.
  • Elder Kyn'tyry - Considered a great mathematician, she can speak and read nearly all native languages of Urutau.
  • Elder Syyl - A warrior of significant prowess, even at such ancient age of over 450 years, he is a teacher of all martial practices.
  • Elder Jyssycyr - An adept of Higher Magic, she is a teacher of elemental magic and the Ice Mage.

The Ice Mage:

Through their alliance with the Morigena, the Dracosylph have learnt to understand the combinations of water with air and through this, they have developed the strange mystical arts of Ice Magic.

Level One: Sense through Ice (Spell)/ Ice Lore: This spell allows the magic user to extend their senses across the proximity of the ice in the localised region (equal the scale of the Event when it is used, with additional Mana being required to be cast for more extensive ranges).

Level Two: Armour of Ice (Spell): Grants the Target of the Spell Immunity to all Mundane Attacks.

Level Three: Ice Crafting (Spell): This spell allows the magic user to reshape Ice, or turn water to ice if there is no ice available.

Level Four: Lesser Ice Bolt (Spell): The Ice Bolt does an ‘Enchanted Triple’ to one targeted location.

Level Five: Greater Ice Bolt (Spell): Does an 'Enchanted Global Quad Through' to one target.


Many of the Dracosylph Ice Mages will have descended from member of House Kyryll, although this is not a hard ruling.

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