House Lyzynthys


Lyzynthys(Pronounced 'Lye-Zin-This')


North Eastern Lyrzeria.


Much like their cousins of House Strychy, the Dracosylph that settled in the North Eastern corner of Lyrzeria focused on becoming strong of body. At one of the harshest of landscapes in Lyrzeria, they too became dedicated to survival, and became fierce warriors, following a military like lifestyle. While some developed their skills into that of the Winter Warrior, the members of House Lyzanthis became much more disciplined. Through the belief that they should be strong without the use of magic, they shunned it almost entirely, to the point of becoming almost resistant to it, though they still seek advice from the Seers. In times of war, it is this House that leads the Dracosylph army.


General Brygrych Lyzynthys

House Colours:

Black, White, Green

House Benefit:

Adult Members of this house gain +1 hits per location, and +1 to their damage call in cold environments. No matter where they are, they take half damage from any attack spells cast upon them.

House Disadvantage:

Adult members of this house may not learn magic or use enchanted weapons. Protective or positive effect spells cast upon them have a double mana cost.


To outsiders, the members of House Lyzynthys seem cold and somewhat uncaring, but their loyalty to each other, and indeed the Dracosylph race, is paramount.

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