House Ryncryr


Ryncryr (Pronounced 'Rin-Cr-Eer')


Eastern Lyrzeria.


This settlement of Dracosylph, much like the founders of Houses Ytvyr and Kyryll, were found to possess a natural talent for magics, and developed and honed these skills, becoming a force to be reckoned with when it came to casting the Magic of Air. Particularly adept in ritual magic and air magic alike, members of this House bear a strong bond with Lord Arios, following him most religiously, devoting their lives to worshipping him, and are mostly made up of members and disciples of The Church of Arios.


Kylynd Ryncryr, High Priestess of Arios

House Colours:

Pale Blue, Pale Yellow, White

House Benefit:

Adult Members of this house gain one level of The Church of Arios list (as described in the ELEMENT Skills Companion).

House Disadvantage:

Adult members of this house suffer from a -1 penalty to their damage call, as the devotion of their lives to the Church has left little time for any combat training.


The devotion of their lives to worshipping Lord Arios means that this particular House is fairly reclusive, other than those who very occasionally venture outside of Lyrzeria to spread their teachings.

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