House Salui

House Salui rules Emryn and is ruled by Duke Tulkas Salui after the death of the previous Duke Arlo Salui, the Salui family are believed to be sympathisers of the Morigena.
Duke Tulkas had a younger brother and sister Twin, the twins Arlo and Arleena Salui.
House Salui was run by Arlo Salui after the death of Duke Garvalan in 915AoF.
Arleena was killed in 915AoF, Arlo was killed in 916AoF.

in the year of 916AoF House Salui was caught up in political strife with House Tremaine, Salui being aided by House Portense, after disagreements with Alyra Tremaine being made queen.
This strife was ended on House Saluis behalf with Tulkas being made Duke.

House Salui is supported by the following lesser houses:

1: Veren.
2: Tilad.
3: Kemperal.
4: Esean.
5: Guran.
6: Falmet.
7: Tsuamyn.

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